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The Odyssey 2 ball putter has been one of golf's biggest success stories.
No one is born a great putter.He or she becomes skilled and accurate through the process of learning.
Although it is possible to learn how to putt through experimenting (trial and error), learning the correct behaviour in one
putting aid will save much  time, energy and frustration.
3 things must happen for a putt to drop. The right line and speed must be chosen.
One other vital thing must happen on a good putt. The putter must be absolutely square at impact.
This is guaranteed with PuttSmart. We believe with the 2 ball putter and our training aid, good putting will finally
be with-in the reach of everybody.

Below are the  steps to become a better putter with Puttsmart.
Most golf pros will tell you that your eyes should be directly over
the ball when you are about to putt.
This is achieved when the circle on the clip is over the circle on
the Odyssey putter. Your hands will be in the correct position ,
not too far forward and not behind the ball.
Then the feet are moved into position.
Ideally the ball should be centred between the feet and weight
slightly on the left side for right handed golfers.

The Take away.
We recommend the straight back straight through style of
putting. This is where our putting aid is superior to others. You
can tell if the putter head is going back square, this is vital for
good putting.
The putter head is taken back low and slow. Keeping the line on
PuttSmart over the line on the plate. At this stage no ball is used,
only the white painted circle represents a ball. Too many golfers
get ball bound when a ball is introduced. If you take the putter
back square it has more chance of returning to the ball square.
This has to happen if the putt is to be good.
We are trying to perfect a smooth takeaway at this stage. Your
head stays steady over time because your eyes get used to
watching the line on the clip pass over the line on the plate.
That's vital for good putting. We recommend taking 5 minutes
before playing your round of golf and practice your take away.
Just keep the lines on the top clip over the lines on the plate, try
50 swings.
You will  be amazed at the difference it makes to your putting
that day.

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You Have Bought The 2 Ball Putter.
Now Learn How To Use It Properly.
Putt smart take away.
We are trying to achieve  a pendulum action. A gentle rocking of the
shoulders and no breaking of the wrists. Keeping the putter low on
the back stroke helps create top spin when you make your forward
stroke. Top spin helps keep the ball online.
If you break your wrists the clip will touch the ball.
To stop this you must keep the putter head low, this is vital for
consistent putting.
Here it must be stated the clip can be annoying. It is forcing you to do
something that you are not used to . Wasn't that the same when you
first tried holding a golf club with the proper grip?
Hang in there ,it's worth it.
We guarantee it.
When you feel you have mastered the proper stroke, take off the clip.
When you look down now you will be amazed how your muscle
memory has developed. Your eyes will still line up the ball as if the
plastic clip is still attached to the putter. Now just practice hitting
through the ball with the lines lined up. Remember to hold the putter
in position after the stroke has finished.  This helps to stop
decelerating. Stopping on a putt is guaranteed to make you miss the
target. Watch Tiger Woods , he never lets his putter drop back.
Our device is very portable ,on the practice green we recommend
using at least 4 balls around the hole , at different lengths to help
distance judgement.

Drive Straight and PuttSmart™.

Place the plate on the floor or green.
Place the putter with clip attached over the plate with
lines directly over each other.
An accelerating stroke is developed by only going back
short and following through long.
See line on the plate

Next, we take away the plate.
The clip stays attached to the putter but now introduce a
ball. Take away the plate.
The putter head sits flat on the ground, not with toe in the
air or heel in the air.
Putters are designed to sit flat on the green.
A good take away is vital in
every golf shot not just putting.

Remove clip from Putter head.
Watch A Short Video On YouTube.
Watch More On YouTube.
See Preview Of Plate and Clip Being Used Here...
Check out video on YouTube. See what happens if hands
are in the wrong position at address.

Keep using Puttsmart on a regular basis.
Once you get used to Puttsmart and have improved your
putting, a 10 minute session is all you need to get back the
feel for good putting for your competition day. Order one
today, you won't regret it.