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You Can Buy Skill.    New Golf Putting System Explained
                 PuttSmart came about because it's inventor couldn't get
any  technical help when he came to choose a new putter. He lost  a
club event because of two short putts that missed.
Instead of buying a new putter that might work , he took all the  
putting tips that most golf pros. use and put them into one putting aid.
This saves much time,energy and frustration.

Finally PuttSmart was born.
Our research revealed a definite lack of help with technique    
from putter makers. How many putters has the local golf shop  got
leaning against a wall? How do you choose one that suits  you? So
many models, such a difference in price. Not one  comes with written
Every pro. golfer has tips that are all correct but how does one
recreate them in practice and play?
We also believe more people that take up golf will stay in golf  longer if
the game is easier to learn.
It won't be long before Golf administrators change the rules to make it
harder to hit the ball so far. Golf courses are becoming too short.
When that happens putting will be even more important.
What is needed is a device that recreates the same set up every time.
We have achieved this with our putting aid, Puttsmart.
Do your-self a favour, invest  in one today. You won't regret it,  we
guarantee it.
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Drive Straight and PuttSmart™.

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