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Drive Straight and PuttSmart™.

Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and
expecting a different result. Does that sound like your golf game?
Playing every Saturday but not getting any better. Inconsistent at best.
For you to improve you must change something. The best way to improve your golf
score is to improve your short game. Pro golfers spend 60/70% of practice time on
their short game. The easiest and quickest part to improve is your putting.
Putting makes up 50% of strokes on a score card.

Just 5 minutes practice a week ,using PuttSmart, will improve your putting 100%.

The Odyssey 2 ball putter is the best mallett putter ever designed, it still sells in the
millions each year, but if you don't learn how to putt properly and consistently it still
won't help long term.                                                                           
Good putting is consistent , nobody drops 25 footers every time they line up a putt.
What you want is to have no fear when you putt. You need confidence in your stroke.
Confidence leads to success and enjoyment.

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PuttSmart was invented to help golfers drop more short putts. What would your
handicap be if you could consistently hole 4-5 more putts per round?
Use your Puttsmart system when you have putting problems, don't buy a new putter.
Be the envy of your friends when you still have the same putter 10-15 years later.
The Puttsmart system is designed to set you up to  putt the same way every time.  
Any one who has played this great game for any length of time knows how
good putting leads to success and enjoyment. Take 2 minutes to preview Puttsmart,
you'll be glad you did.
For $31.95 why woundn't you try it? It can change your
whole game. We Offer A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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About PuttSmart.
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Most Professional Golfers Tell Us...

1.  Your eyes must be directly over the ball when you putt.

2.  Your arms must hang down  naturally .

3.  The putter head take away from the ball must be smooth.

4.  The take away must be low and slow.  

5.  The putter must accelerate through the ball on the forward stroke.

6. Putter must be absolutely square at ball contact.

7.  You must hold your stroke after the ball has gone

8.  Your eyes must keep looking at the ball through the whole stroke.

All these tips are achieved when  PuttSmart is used in practice.
Our putting system uses the 2 ball technology which has been so successful
for Callaway Golf and Odyssey.

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